What is NannyML Cloud?

Use NannyML OSS for free. Upgrade to NannyML Cloud to monitor without the hassle, enable enhanced security controls, and access additional features.


✅ 5 minutes to configure your models. Effortless Observability.
✅ Early access to concept drift detection. Most powerful nannyML algorithm yet.
✅ Reporting and dashboarding handled. Always know how your models are performing.
✅ Deployed in your cloud. Safe and Secure
✅ Infrastructure, alerting, and scheduling. Automated. Focus on what matters.


NannyML Cloud is a web-based solution for monitoring machine learning models. It is based on the open-source NannyML Python library. With NannyML, you can: monitor what matters, find what is broken, and fix it. Everything, even without ground truth.
  • Monitoring for all model types on tabular data, also when ground truth is not available in production
  • Flagship algorithms for concept drift, performance estimation, and multivariate drift detection
  • Get alerted when model performance changes
  • Available in Azure Market Place (AWS coming soon)

Our philosophy

Monitor what matters

Focus on one single metric to know how your model is performing. And get alerted when the performance drops.
  • Estimate model performance Know the performance of your ML models 24/7. NannyML estimates the performance of your ML models even if the ground truth is delayed or absent.
  • Measure the business impact of your models Tie your model's performance to monetary or business-oriented outcomes. So that you always know what your ML brings to the table.
  • Avoid alert fatigue Traditional ML monitoring tends to overwhelm teams with many false alarms. By focusing on what matters, NannyML alerts are always meaningful.

Find what is broken

  • Root Cause Analysis The univariate drift detection methods allow us to perform a granular investigation across the model's features.
  • Uncover the most subtle changes in the data structure Leverage the multivariate drift detection method to uncover changes univariate approaches cannot detect.
  • Intelligent alert ranking NannyML links back data drift alerts to changes in the model performance. So you can easily detect which features are causing the performance issues.

Open-Source Core

NannyML Cloud is a web-based solution made by the creators of the open-source NannyML Python library. Most NannyML Cloud core algorithms are open-source, so you can trust them and be 100% sure how they work.
Built for data scientists, NannyML has an easy-to-use interface and interactive visualizations, is completely model-agnostic, and currently supports all tabular use cases, classification, and regression.

Feature list

Performance Monitoring
  • Performance Estimation
  • Performance Calculation
  • Business Value Quantization
  • Scikit-Learn Metrics
  • Custom Metrics
Root cause analysis
  • Concept Drift Detection
  • Prediction Drift Detection
  • Target Drift Detection
  • Multivariate Drift Detection
  • Univariate Drift Detection
  • Advanced Drift Detection
  • Data Quality Issue Detection
  • Issue Ranking
Issue Resolution
  • Custom Thresholds
  • Automated Thresholds
  • Custom Granularity
  • Email & Slack Notifications
  • Custom Webhook Actions
  • Retraining Triggers
  • API Access