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Azure Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

1. Fill out the survey to get access

Use the following link:, to fill out our survey. After completing the survey, we will whitelist your email address so you can find the NannyML offering on Azure.

2. Go to the Azure portal

Use the following link: to visit the Azure portal. Be sure to sign in to your Microsoft account.

3. Create a resource

Press "Create a resource":

4. Search for NannyML

Type "nannyml" in the search bar and press enter:
A small notification will appear about a private offer for your organization. This will only appear after completing the survey (if it is not visible after completing the survey, please reach out to [email protected]). Press "View private plan":

5. Subscribe to NannyML Cloud SaaS

Click on the "NannyML Cloud (preview) SaaS" offering:
Select the starter plan and press "Subscribe":

6.1 Basics

subscriptionSelect your Microsoft subscription and pick a resource group. If none are available create a new one. Be sure to provide a name for the NannyML SaaS subscription to easily identify it later:
Press "Review + subscribe" at the bottom of the page:

6.2 Tags

Alternatively, you can also proceed to configure some tags, but they are optional.

6.3 Review + subscribe

Review the details of the subscription:
Press "Subscribe" at the bottom of the page:
It might take a second. The following waiting screen will appear:
Once that's done, there is one thing left to do, which is to configure the NannyML SaaS account. Press "Configure account now":

7. Configure your NannyML SaaS account

Review and press "Confirm" at the bottom of the page:
Provide a subdomain where you want the NannyML instance to be available and press "Provision":
You are good to go: